Infinity 44" x 60"


Condition: New product

This mat was made with utmost care for details, it's perfect for tabletop miniature games.

You can choose a one-sided or two-sided version.

  • Manufactured of the high-quality materials
  • Produced in Poland (EU)
  • Made in accordance with tabletop miniature games rules
  • Perfect for both casual and tournament tier gamersmanufactured_poland.png


Data sheet

Size 44" x 60" / 112cm x 152cm
Compatible scale 28-36 mm

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This mat will take your games to a futuristic city.

Mats are available in several different technologies:



SIDE A SIDE B for two-sided mats
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Quality and safety assurances

Made in Poland. The product was made in accordance with the RoHS, CE and EN 71 certificates. We're using original HP inks for latex mats and the Swiss Sensient solutions for the neoprene mats. Our playmats do not have any harmful phthalates. Neoprene mats have underlay made of the high-quality natural rubber (caoutchouc). Production processes are done with Lean Manufacturing procedures and the Kaizen philosophy.


Need to customize your product?

As a direct manufacturer, we can fully customize your mat by changing the size, shape, print or adding a grid. Please see the CUSTOMIZED category, or if you are the publisher - to the B2B category.

ATTENTION! Due to the material specification the final size of the playmat might differ from the given size by up to 5mm (0,2" or 13/64 inch).


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