Cardboard tube with plugs 37" (95 cm)

Reference: Tube36

EAN: 5907737300708

Condition: New product

Cardboard tube for storing and transporting latex and vinyl battle mats in sizes 22x30", 44x60", 36x36", 36x48 "or 36x72".

Made of 2 mm thick hardened cardboard. Two plastic plugs to close the tube are included in the set.



More info

The tube will fit one latex or vinyl mat in sizes 22"x30" (56cm x 76cm), 44"x30" (112cm x 76cm), 36x36 "(91.5cm x 91.5cm), 36" x48 "(91.5cm x 122cm) or 36"x72" (91 , 5cm x 183 cm)

We recommend carrying bags for transporting rubber mats.

When ordering a cardboard tube, you will receive 2 plugs.


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