Battle mats

Turn the table into a real battlefield - match the pattern, scale and size of the mat to both the available surface and the system you are playing, and choose matching 2D terrains and accessories. The details on the products are matched to the most popular battle game scales, and the soft material is not only pleasant to the touch, but above all protects your figures from damage, even if they fall over.

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Rubber zones for Warmachine/Hordes
As low as €29.00
2D Modular rivers set
As low as €39.00
A Song of Ice and Fire - player's board
As low as €16.00
Universal mat in size 120 x 80 cm dedicated to classic games, puzzles and blocks.
Tournament 2D terrains set  - A Song of Ice and Fire
Tournament 2D terrains set  - Saga
Tournament 2D terrains set  - the 9th Age
Neoprene 2D terrain set - Trenches
Neoprene 2D terrain set - Rough terrain
Neoprene 2D terrain set - Hills
Neoprene 2D terrain set - Field
Neoprene 2D terrain set - Swamp
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