News in our offer

Dear gamers! The premiere of our new webstore is a perfect moment to make sure our offer is best suited to your needs and expectations. This means we have plenty of brand new products, designs and options. Please sit comfortably, and take a look at what news we have to present: - the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k A few months ago the premiere of the New 40k has shaken the gaming scene - new types of the objective appeared, and what was for many of you even larger change, the GW has suggested new tab [...]  Read more

Production process

Below is a standard procedure of a working relationship with our company, which stays roughly the same with most standard orders. If the order includes dropshipping or large quantities (10+ EUR-pallets) the process can vary. Get in touch if you have any queries. 1. Send us an email about the mats: the required size, shape and application. We?ll happily offer guidance and answer any of your questions. 2. We will propose a production technology and a quote estimate according to your needs. We?ll prepare a [...]  Read more
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