News in our offer

Dear gamers!

The premiere of our new webstore is a perfect moment to make sure our offer is best suited to your needs and expectations. This means we have plenty of brand new products, designs and options. Please sit comfortably, and take a look at what news we have to present:

- the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k

A few months ago the premiere of the New 40k has shaken the gaming scene - new types of the objective appeared, and what was for many of you even larger change, the GW has suggested new table sizes.

To fill the demand, we made all of our designs available in all three new sizes: 44x30" (for small scale battles), 44x60" (for your standard games) and 44x90" (for the most epic encounters). And by all designs, we also mean every new one that will enter our offer and ones sent by you!

- Pokemon TCG

We also decided to expand our offer with playmats dedicated to the most popular card games - Pokemon TCG is first to come, but expect other giants like MtG or Yu-Gi-Oh! soon enough.

- Themed cardgame playmats

Often we were asked about the universal playmats, not designed for any particular game but which will fit all the different games - both in fantasy and sci-fi settings.

- Monochrome playmats

The monochrome playmats work two-shifts - as fully-fledged mousepads (tested by professional CounterStrike players) by day, and as an inconspicuous mat to play your favourite card games by night. Check them out here!

- Poker and Black Jack mats

These mats were made to add something for all the high-stake gamers, that don't necessarily are in all this fantasy mumbo-jumbo. If you want to feel like in the best casinos of Las Vegas and Monako, be sure to check the new players!

- The Dice Friends

Having the premiere last year on our Kickstarter campaign, the Dice Friends - 2-in-1 dice tray and pouch - finally arrived in our standard offer. These two-sided dice trays tick all the boxes of the well-known dice trays, and add a feature of their own - due to the innovative usage of the studs, you can easily transform it into a pouch that'll keep all your dice and tokens in one place, wherever and however you want to take them.

- New dice trays

Also the well-known and battle-tested dice tray got something new! Plenty of new designs to be found here!

- Carrying bags and cardboard tubes

As we thrive to pack your mats in a way that'll allow you to store them and to safeguard them during the transportation (often to the other side of the world), we know that they tend to wear with time, or you simply need a few extras. Now you can order storage and transportation solutions for your mats - tubes and carrying bags!

- Customized products

As we're not only a retailer but also a manufacturer, we have the possibility to fully customize any of our products. You can choose from our standard sized mats and accessories here, but if you have something very special in mind, something that doesn't fit into our standardized gears, fear not! Just send us an email ( describing this perfect something, and we'll find a way to make your dream come true!

That covers the most important news in our offer - a few other ones... why won't you try to discover for yourself? ;)

Stay tuned, as we're never stopping - more designs, more products are coming! :)