You may ask who we work with?

  • Gamers around the world

We offer our products to the customers through several websites -, or via Amazon Prime

  • Gaming stores

Our wide variety of mats, 2D terrains or dice trays can be found in stores like French Philibert or American Noble Knight Games

  • Distributors

We support game creators, publishers and distributors with our playmats and other accessories. We cooperate by direct supplying them, or via Drop Shipping service. Along the years we accumulated a lot of experience and worked with companies like Lucky Duck Games, Phalanx Games, Ludi Creations, Rebel (part of the Asmodee Group) or Q-Workshop. As a part of the cooperation, we offer not only ready products but also pre-production prototypes, product photographs or 3D rendered images.

  • Kickstarter creators

We have worked with numerous KS campaigns, and are always willing to help - no matter on which stage your campaign currently is. Among our facilities is a photography studio, so we can supply you with photos and rendered images of our products, which you can implement into your campaign. As we made several KS campaigns ourselves, we know how time-consuming preparations for a well-made campaign can be - this is why we always go forward to help as much as we can!

  • Artists

We cooperate with the artist from different countries, who make designs that you can find on our products.

  • Innovators

Companies that want to create something totally new and unheard-of are not out of our scope! Our facilities allow us to prepare prototypes, visualizations, photographies and almost everything you may need in such a process.

As a company that is constantly evolving we double our production amount each year - in 2019, we have made over 100 000 products, which were distributed to every corner of the world. If you want to work with us, please contact us - we’re open to various forms of cooperation.

Among our plans is the expansion to brand new markets, and those we only have limited offer at - like the United States, Western Europe or UAE.