Prototypes and customized mats

We design and produce mats for years. If you have any doubts regarding which material will suit your needs best, or if you want something totally different from the set standards - please contact us, and we’ll advise you.

Below you’ll find a few of our innovative ideas and technologies:

Dice Friend

The Dice Friend is an easy to use and durable dice tray, that can be transformed into a pouch to carry your dice and tokens. The project, testa and production was fully done by the Netfire Group

2D terrains

Neoprene 2D terrains are a fine addition to games like the Warhammer, Warachine&Hordes or Malifaux. The anti-slip underlay guarantees that they won’t move after the setup while the laser-cut edges safeguard them from fraying and lets us give a size and shape assurance.

Non-standard mats

We do not refrain from making the mats that are out of standard - ones with spaces cut inside, in a wild shape or with a distinct use. All such ideas are consulted with our specialists, which is followed by the visualization in the form of 3D rendered images and technical drawings and lastly transformed into the prototype.