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  • Would you like to become a distributor of our products?
  • Do you need mats or accessories for a game you plan to release?
  • Do you want to prepare a unique advertising gadget or gift for your company's employees?
  • Do you have other ideas on how our products and technologies can support your business?

 You are in the right place! Use the form below and write to us or visit the Netfire Group website and tell us how we can help you. We handle business orders in any volume - mats, coasters or other accessories in custom shapes and sizes are our specialty!

Become a Playmats brand distributor - join the nearly 100 stores worldwide that carry our products!

  • A permanent supplier of a wide range of accessories for board, card, battle and RPG games.
  • More options that you can offer to your regular customers.
  • New customers who are looking for accessories that match their favorite games.
  • The opportunity to create a unique personalized product with us that no one else has!
  1. Send us a message - a business account manager will contact you and present the conditions.
  2. Upon acceptance, we will set up a distributor account for you in our store and assign the agreed discounts.
  3. From now on, you can already place the products of your choice in your store - you order them by logging into your account and creating a standard order.

Write to us and bet on proven products that have been appreciated by thousands of players around the world.

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We like the quality and service of Playmats, with this wide range of products we can satisfy the wishes of our customers!

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