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Star Wars: Shatterpoint 36” x 36” / 91,5 cm x 91,5 cm - double-sided rubber mat
As low as €65.00
Star Wars: Shatterpoint 36” x 36” / 91,5 cm x 91,5 cm - double-sided latex mat
As low as €34.00
Ice 36”x36” / 91,5x91,5 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Ice 36”x36” / 91,5x91,5 cm - double-sided rubber mat
Ruined City 30”x22” / 76x56 cm - single-sided anti-slip fabric mat
Ruined City 30”x22” / 76x56 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Ruined City 30”x22” / 76x56 cm - double-sided rubber mat
Ruined City 30”x22” / 76x56 cm - double-sided latex mat
Swamp 48”x36” / 122x91,5 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Swamp 48”x36” / 122x91,5 cm - single-sided anti-slip fabric mat
Swamp 48”x36” / 122x91,5 cm - double-sided latex mat
Swamp 48”x36” / 122x91,5 cm - double-sided rubber mat
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Battle Mats

Crafting war stories. Accurate immersive battle mats made for realistic clashes in war games.

Experience premium battle mats for immersive gameplay


Welcome to the world of where we create the perfect battle playmats for players fascinated by classic war games, fantasy games and RPG's. We fuel players' passion for gaming with our accurate war game mats. A battlemat perfectly tailored to your adventure is like a canvas for epic war stories. From intense Warhammer 40k terrain clashes to strategic battles with Star Wars: Armada playmat, our realistic top-quality battlemats bring any scenario to life. Every war game session is an adventure, a gathering of friends and a test of strategy and skills. Thats why our battle mats are designed with both permanence and aesthetics in mind.


Unleash the full potential of your tabletop battles


The high-quality modern polymer material can withstand the heat of battle, so you can lead your large armies to victory without fear of casualties. These excellent and battle-tested wargaming mats can be double-sided, providing more practicality and more space for game planning. With carefully crafted details, these battle mats almost increase the player's experience on their own, making every dice roll a moment of excitement. Discover the ultimate gaming experience with battlemats for wargames, and feel how quality and creativity make your tabletop adventures more amazing than ever. If you need something specific - contact us.

Battle Mats that connect people


More than playing a war games


We believe that wargaming is a journey of imagination, strategy, and camaraderie. Our battlemats are designed to enhance these experiences, making every gaming session memorable. They are not just tools for play. They are gateways to epic adventures and lasting friendships.


Battle Mats by


Our team is driven by a deep passion for gaming. We are constantly innovating and expanding our range of battle mats to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the war games world. We listen to our community, taking in feedback and ideas to create war game mats that truly enhance your gaming experience. You can trust us with this. We are very familiar with war games. Visit our Facebook Page to stay tuned and let's play together!

Take your combat adventure experience to the next level with war game battle mats


Enhance your wargames with high-quality battle mats


Are you looking to improve your war games experience? Our range of high-quality battle mats designed directly for wargames provides the perfect backdrop for epic battles. Are you commanding a frontline unit and need The 9th Age battle mat for your scenario? You will find it in our collection. Or perhaps you are exploring new worlds in Warhammer and need Age of Sigmar objective markers? - We have it in stock as well. As strong and majestic as Sigmarite, these units provide the perfect battlefield for Warhammer AoS epic battles. Crafted from good resistant materials, battle mats offer a solid, non-slip surface that transforms your gaming space into a dynamic battlefield.


Versatile battlemats for a wide range of war games


Our battlemats are not limited to these popular games. We support a wide range of battle games including most popular types of games available on our battlefields. We can offer unique themed products: Star Wars: Legion gaming mat, Blood Bowl game mat, Kill Team board playmat and much more. Each mat is designed to incorporate the unique aesthetics and gameplay mechanics of the various game systems, ensuring smooth and enjoyable gameplay. Visually appealing, our battle mats are strong, offering a practical polymer surface that stays in place regardless of the intensity of the battle. This ensures that your armies and battle mat terrain beneath them remain stable, allowing you to concentrate on outmaneuvering your opponent and achieving victory.


The essential addition to your wargaming playmats arsenal


Wargaming playmats are an essential addition to the arsenal of games for both beginners and advanced players. They protect the table surface but also enhance the overall experience, making gaming session more memorable. Browse our gaming battle mats and raise the level of your battle adventures by enjoying the world of your favourite battle game. With our wide range of designs, you're sure to find the perfect battle mat for your needs. Contact us to find the perfect battle mat or design your own size and pattern. Choose between battle mats for wargames and fantasy games or expand your range with a historical games battle mats. Discover the difference a quality gaming mat can make!

Warhammer 40K battle mat - Battlemats for WH40KWarhammer 40K battle mat - Battlemats for WH40K
Battlemat for Warhammer 40000 series

Battlemats - All you need to know about professional playmats available on

Dominate any battlefield with professional battle mats


With professional battle mats designed for all wargaming enthusiasts, you can dominate any battlefield. The sturdy fabric ensures that your miniature Grand Armies can take part in the war in the style of your choice, while the soft elastic material will protect them from damage. Unleash the power of game mats with our best wargaming mats and terrains. Engage in wargaming like never before with a variety of sizes and themes (including pre-made scenery battlemats and terrain elements that will stand the test of time).


High-quality custom solutions for every gamer's needs offers a complete solution for all your battle mats and terrain needs. Each mat is crafted to enhance the visual appeal and tactical depth of your games, ensuring an immersive experience every time you play. The high-quality materials used in our mats provide durability and longevity, making them a worthy investment for any serious gamer. In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide custom battle mats and personalized dice trays tailored to your specific requirements. Choose your preferred size, material, and design to create a unique mat that perfectly complements your gaming setup. Custom battle mats are perfect for players who need unusual playmat.


Immersive and thematic battle mats for epic adventures


Our thematic mats cover a wide range of genres and settings, from the desolate wastelands and dense forests to futuristic cityscapes and ancient ruins. These battlemats are designed to bring your war games to life, providing a visually stunning backdrop for game pieces and miniatures. Each playmat is printed with high-resolution artwork that captures the intricate details of the chosen theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your epic battles. Explore our extensive collection of battle mats and discover the perfect addition to your gaming arsenal. Upgrade your gaming experience with professional battle mats and transform your space into a dynamic and engaging battlefield.

Check out the most popular battle mats and learn more about premium playmats in our range

Comprehensive specification of available battlemats

Category Available Sizes & Game Themes
Neoprene Battlemats  36"x36" Warhammer 40K 
44"x60" Age of Sigmar 
Latex Battlemats  36"x36" Bolt Action 
44"x60" Star Wars: X-Wing 
Double-Sided Battlemats  36"x36" 
44"x60" Warhammer 
48"x48" Age of Sigmar 
Thematic Battle Mats  36"x36" 
44"x60" Infinity 
48"x48" Bolt Action 
Tournament Battle Mats  36"x36" Professional play 
Premium Battlemats  36"x36" Exclusive designs 
Single-Sided Rubber Battlemats  35.5"x27.5" Blood Bowl 
44"x30" Star Wars: Shatterpoint 
Double-Sided Rubber Battlemats  36"x36" Warhammer 
44"x60" Star Wars 
Single-Sided Fabric Battlemats  44"x60" Various themes 
Double-Sided Fabric Battlemats  44"x60" Various themes 
Custom Battlemats  Custom sizes available 
Any theme you desire 

Overview of some of the basic subcategories of our battlemats

At, we offer a diverse range of battle mats tailored to enhance your battle gaming experience. Each category is designed to meet specific gaming needs, ensuring that every player can find the perfect mat for their battles.

  • Neoprene Battle Mats. Our neoprene mats provide a durable and non-slip surface, perfect for intense gaming sessions. Available in various sizes, these mats are ideal for games like Warhammer 40K and Star Wars: Legion.
  • Latex Battle Mats. Made from high-quality latex, these mats are flexible and resilient, offering a unique texture and feel. They are suitable for a wide range of games, including Bolt Action and Infinity.
  • Battle Mats by Size. Choose your favorite battle mat size and get the full wargaming experience. Available in various shapes and dimensions, our battle mats are designed to suit the specific needs of your war games.
  • Thematic Battle Mats. Dive deep into the themed elements of your game with specially designed mats. From the futuristic landscapes of Gaslands to the historical terrain of Saga, our themed battlemats add an additional experience.

Accessories and terrains for Warhammer 40k and beyond

Expand your horizons with a wide range of wargaming accessories. From war games theme dice trays to Warhammer terrain, we have everything you need to make your battles come alive. Crafted with attention to detail and quality, our custom accessories are the perfect complement to our play mats, ensuring that every game is an exciting experience. Our range includes everything from detailed miniature coasters to lifelike terrain pieces that can transform a game table into a dynamic battlefield. We also offer a selection of modular terrain kits, allowing you to create unique battle environments tailored to your strategy. Whether you need fortified bunkers, dense forests or urban ruins, our terrain elements are designed to enhance the realism and immersion of your wargames. Our premium battlemats are designed to provide a durable, non-slip surface that enhances your gameplay while protecting your miniatures and game elements. Available in various sizes and themes, our battlemats cater to different types of wargames and role-playing games. Each tabletop battle mat is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions. Whether you're battling in the frozen wastes, exploring the forest, or fighting in urban environments, our battlemats provide the perfect backdrop for your adventures. Enhance your gaming setup with a battlemat that not only looks great but also adds a layer of realism to your battles. Choose from our extensive collection and find ideal tabletop battle mat for you.

Be prepared for epic battles with double-sided gaming mats

Versatile double-sided gaming mats for all scenarios

The versatility of our battle playmats allows you to easily switch between different settings, keeping your games fresh and engaging. In addition to their practical benefits, our double-sided battle mats are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your gaming space. The detailed artwork immerses you in the game world, making every battle more thrilling. With a variety of themes available, from futuristic cityscapes to ancient battlegrounds, our mats are perfect for any genre of game. Let yourself be delighted by exclusive wargames battlemats, created especially for the comfort of real players. Rubber neoprene playmats technology - YouTube Video.

Enhance your gaming experience with double-sided battle mats

Double the excitement with our double-sided gaming mats. Perfect for a variety of board games and tabletop adventures, these mats feature versatile designs to suit any gaming scenario. From the icy realms of fantasy worlds to the ruined landscapes of dystopian future, our playmats will satisfy player's imagination. Made from premium materials like neoprene and high quality polymers, these mats are not only practical but also add an aesthetic edge to your gaming sessions. Each side of double-sided play mats is printed with high-resolution themed artwork, providing two distinct environments in one product. Visit our Facebook Page to learn more.

ASoIaF battle mats - A Song of Ice and Fire playmats.ASoIaF battle mats - A Song of Ice and Fire playmats.
Various battlemats for A Song of Ice and Fire
Star Wars: Legion gaming mat - Example battlematsStar Wars: Legion gaming mat - Example battlemats
Star Wars: Legion mats - Example sets

Battle mats - FAQ

Playmats for Wargames - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What materials are used in your battle mats?
    Our battle mats are made from high-quality materials such as neoprene and PVC. Neoprene mats provide a durable, non-slip surface that is cushioned to protect miniatures and dice during wargames. PVC mats are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for both casual play and professional wargaming tournaments.
  • Are the mats available in different sizes?
    Yes, our battle mats come in a variety of sizes to suit different wargame needs. We offer sizes ranging from 36"x36" for smaller gaming spaces to larger sizes like 48"x48" and 44"x90" for more expansive war game setups. Custom sizes can also be made upon request to fit your specific battlemat requirements.
  • Can I get a custom-designed playmat?
    Absolutely! We offer custom playmats tailored to your specific requirements. Choose your preferred size, material, and design to create a unique battlemat that perfectly complements your wargaming setup. Contact us for more details on how to create your custom battle mat.
  • How do I clean and maintain my battle mat?
    Our play mats are easy to clean and maintain. For neoprene battle mats, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals to preserve the quality of the material. For PVC battlemats, a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth can be used. Always store your battlemats rolled up to prevent creases and damage.
  • Are the mats double-sided?
    Yes, we offer both single-sided and double-sided battle mats. Double-sided battlemats feature different designs on each side, providing versatility and value for money. This allows you to switch between different gaming environments easily, enhancing your wargaming experience.
  • What themes are available for the battle mats?
    We offer a wide range of themes for our playmats to suit various wargaming genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and modern settings. Our thematic battlemats feature high-resolution artwork that brings your war games to life, whether you're battling in icy realms, dystopian cityscapes, or ancient ruins.
  • Do you offer accessories to complement the battle mats?
    Yes, we provide a variety of wargame accessories such as dice trays, token sets, measuring tools, and terrain pieces. These accessories are designed to enhance your gaming experience and are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our battlemats.
  • How can I ensure the mat stays in place during gameplay?
    Our battle mats are designed with anti-slip backings to ensure they stay firmly in place during gameplay. This prevents any unwanted movement that could disrupt your war game, allowing you to focus on strategy and enjoyment.
  • What games are your playmats compatible with?
    Our playmats are compatible with a wide range of popular wargames, including Warhammer 40K, WH: Age o Sigmar, WH: Warcry, Star Wars: X-Wing, SW: Shatterpoint, SW: Armada, SW: Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Infinity, Blood Bowl, Saga, Bolt Action, Malifaux, The 9th Age,  and many others excellent fantasy, war games and RPG's. The versatile designs and sizes make them suitable for many other tabletop games as well.
  • How do I order a battlemat from your store?
    Ordering a battlemat from our store is simple. Visit our website, browse through our extensive collection of battle mats and accessories, select the items you want, and add them to your cart. Follow the checkout process to complete your purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is here to help.

If you have other questions or need help, please contact us