Custom playmats

Custom play mats

You can order any of our products with your own print pattern or even in a custom size. If you want to learn more about the rules of personalized orders or how to prepare files for printing game mats with your own pattern, read the guide we have prepared for you.

Create your unique world with our custom playmats

Unleash your creativity with our custom playmats. Tailor every aspect of your playmat to suit your gaming style – from the size to the print pattern. Perfect for RPG enthusiasts and board gamers alike, these custom play mats bring a personal touch to every game you play. Discover how to make your gaming experience uniquely yours today.

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Customized single-sided anti-slip fabric mat
As low as €24.00
Customized double-sided rubber mat
As low as €47.00
Customized single-sided rubber mat
As low as €37.00
Customized double-sided latex mat
As low as €32.00
Customized rubber zones for Age of Sigmar
As low as €9.00
Customized card game rubber mat - 14" x 24" / 35,5cm x 61cm
Customized dice tray - 22x22 cm
Customized rubber zones for Warhammer 40K - 6 pcs
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Custom playing mats - personalized gaming excellence


Elevate your gaming sessions with our customized playing mats. Whether you’re into card games or board games, our custom mats allow you to express your personality and enhance your playing area. Learn more about our personalization options and start designing a mat that’s as unique as your gameplay.


Create your own playmat designs!


With us, you can create a gaming mat based on whatever your imagination suggests. No limits! Whether you're a solo player or enjoy the company of another player, our custom playmats are crafted to fit your unique gaming style. With a focus on premium quality, we ensure that each playmat not only looks amazing, but also feels great under your hands. From the vivid colors, to the high-resolution imagery, every detail is carefully printed to create a magical gaming experience. The color and image you choose are printed with high-quality ink, ensuring that your playmat not only catches the eye but also lasts through countless gaming sessions.

You can send us your favorite images to create the perfect playmat. The resolution is super accurate, ensuring that every detail of your image would come to life just as you imagine. The print quality is consistently vibrant and sharp.

Our playmats are not just about looks; they also reinforce the quality of your game. And with our super fast delivery, you won't have to wait long to experience the difference.

Transform your games with custom playmat designs

Ideal for RPGs and strategy games, these mats provide not just a playing surface but a canvas for your imagination. Discover the ease of printing your own patterns and designs, and take your gaming to the next level. 

What really sets our playmats apart is the attention to detail. The border of each playmat is carefully designed to fit the specific card zones for games like Magic: The Gathering (MTG), adding both function and style to your game.

With our fast shipping, satisfaction is just a few clicks away. We highly recommend trying out our playmats, and we're confident you'll definitely come back for more.

Custom playmats - elevate your gaming experience

  • High-resolution, vibrant colors, and accurate preview options.
  • Customization - no limit to your imagination; craft playmats for 1, 2 players or more.
  • Quality - premium material, high-quality print and durable construction.
  • Convenience - easy to roll and carry in a handy tube, ideal for on-the-go gamers.
  • Look and feel - playmats that not only look amazing but also feel great to the touch.
  • Customer Service - ready to assist and ensure your experience is top-notch.