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Discover our latest array of playmats and battle mat designs at, perfectly crafted for the newest board games. Our expanding selection includes everything from RPG game mats to specialized gaming mats, ensuring a match for every gamer's need. If you're seeking something unique, like a custom desk gaming mat or a specific tabletop game mat, reach out! We often develop our playmats in collaboration with players' ideas and feedback.

Discover the ultimate gaming experience with, your one-stop destination for premium playmats and gaming accessories. Whether you're a fan of RPGs, board games, or intense battle games, our extensive collection of gaming mats is designed to elevate your gaming sessions. 

Mats and accessories for board games, battle games or RPGs with your own design

Customized single-sided anti-slip fabric mat
As low as €24.00
Customized double-sided rubber mat
As low as €47.00
Customized single-sided rubber mat
As low as €37.00
Customized double-sided latex mat
As low as €32.00

Custom mats are our specialty! Design your dream playmat

We realize personalized mats and accessories from one piece. All products are available to order with your design, or one of our designs, but in a custom size to fit your table!

Whether you're a fan of yugioh playmats, mtg playmats, or seeking the perfect warhammer game mat, we've got you covered. Our range also includes unique tabletop mats and war game mats, all customizable to fit your gaming needs. Bring your game to life with our specialized gaming mats and accessories, designed just for you!

Most popular game mats, accessories and other products for table games

See which add-ons for your favorite board games, battle games and RPG games are the most popular among other players.

Grassland 48”x36” / 122x91,5 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Fields of War 48”x48” / 122x122 cm - double-sided rubber mat
Blue Nebula 72”x36” / 183x91,5 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Ruined City 44”x60” / 112x152 cm - single-sided rubber mat
Suburbs 44”x90” / 112x228 cm - double-sided rubber mat
Mars 44”x30” / 112x76 cm - single-sided rubber mat
ISS Vanguard - Dice Tray 20x20cm set - 4 pieces
Game Mat for Expeditions 30"x27,5" / 76x70 cm - rubber mat for board games
Dune Imperium - Market Board - rubber mat for board games
As low as €12.00
Dune Imperium - Player's Board 11,5"x7,5" / 29cm x 19,5cm - rubber mat for board games
As low as €10.00
Ecosystem - Player board 31x38cm - rubber mat for board game
As low as €9.00
Neuroshima Hex 13" x 11,5" / 33cm x 29cm - rubber mat for board games
Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game 37,5" x 17" / 95 cm x 44 cm - rubber mat for board games
As low as €24.00
Verdant - Player's Board 15"x11,5" / 38cm x 29cm - rubber mat for board games
As low as €10.00
White - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Pavement - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Snow - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Grass - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Worn Papyrus - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Plain Papyrus - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00
Papyrus - Dry-erase mat
As low as €16.00 Regular Price €16.00
Dry-erase token set 3'' i 4''
Rubber zones for Age of Sigmar 4e / Warhammer 40K 7,6"/19,5cm
As low as €24.00
The Old World - Forest terrain 10“x6” / 25,5x15,5 cm - 2D rubber terrain
As low as €7.00
Tournament 2D terrains set  - A Song of Ice and Fire
As low as €34.00
Rubber zones for Warhammer 40K - 12"x6" / 30,5x15cm
As low as €22.00
Rubber 2D terrain set - Stone Bridges
Rubber 2D terrain set - Wooden Bridges
Rubber 2D terrain set - Fallen City Craters
Walls set for A Song of Ice and Fire
As low as €6.00
Dice Tray - Samurai 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Warrior 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Skulls 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Gladiator 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Orc 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Epic Axe 22x22cm
Dice Tray - Epic Sword 22x22cm
MLEM - Dice Tray 20x20
Nisei Q4'19 Biotic Labor 24"x14" / 61x35,5 cm - rubber mat for card games
Nisei Q3'19 Dream Net 24"x14" / 61x35,5 cm - rubber mat for card games
Green - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm
Grey - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm
Purple - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm
Blue - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm
Brown - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm
Mars - mouse pad 61x35,5 cm

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As a fellow gamers, we're thrilled to share with you our passion for enhancing gaming experiences. But that's not all – our range of cool dice trays and other RPG accessories are designed to not only enhance your gameplay but also to add an extra layer of excitement and style to your gaming sessions. 

We use only the best materials to manufacture our board game mats and accessories

Already have a design selected but can't decide which of the available materials will be right for you and your cu? We have prepared a practical guide for you, in which you will find a discussion and comparison of the materials and technologies that we use to create our products. - play mats designed by Players for Players

Mug coasters - monsters - 5 pcs.
Mug coasters - comic - 4 pcs.
Mug coasters - dice - 6 pcs.
Mug coasters - oriental - 4 pcs.