Personalized mats and accessories for battle games

Customize Your Battle Experience with Our Unique Mats and Accessories!

Elevate your battle games with customized accessories from Our collection features detailed Warhammer 40k neoprene objective markers, custom YuGiOh playmats, and durable neoprene playmat options. Each item is designed to enhance gaming sessions, providing personalized, high-quality tools that make games more exciting and realistic. Do you need a custom playmat? Or are you looking for specific gaming accessories that you can customize for your battle game? We have everything to customize any accessory for you. Take a look at our range and create a unique battlefield that perfectly suits your style. Write to us if you need a unique mat, we know the games inside out.

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Customized card game rubber mat - 14" x 24" / 35,5cm x 61cm
Customized dice tray - 22x22 cm
Customized neoprene zones for Warhammer 40K - 6 pcs
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