Production process

Below is a standard procedure of a working relationship with our company, which stays roughly the same with most standard orders. If the order includes dropshipping or large quantities (10+ EUR-pallets) the process can vary. Get in touch if you have any queries.

1. Send us an email about the mats: the required size, shape and application. We?ll happily offer guidance and answer any of your questions.

2. We will propose a production technology and a quote estimate according to your needs. We?ll prepare and deliver a prototype to you via courier.

3. If the prototype meets your needs we will confirm the final quote, project timeline, packing and delivery methods.

4. Pre-payment of 50% of the final quote based off a pro-forma invoice marks the beginning of production. We will confirm the production?s status at the halfway point so you can rest easy.

5. Production finished, confirmation of delivery addresses. Final payment & delivery.

We?ve collaborated with many Kickstarter campaigns, and we can send you free samples regardless of the campaign?s stage.

Our facilities contain a photography studio and we can also provide you with hi-res photos of your designs, that you can use on the campaign page.

We know how much work it takes to prepare and promote a crowdfunding campaign ? that?s why we?ll be trying to ease as much pressure off your back as we can!