About us

We’re Polish manufacturer of playmats and accessories for tabletop miniature, card, board and role-playing games.

Our products are widely used by players all around the world, both those playing recreational games in their homes and those playing top-level games on the largest tournaments (for example on Warmachine&Horders 2016 World Team Championship). You may also see our products at your local gaming stores and tournaments.

On a regular basis, you can meet us during the gaming events around the world - Essen Spiel in Germany, Salute in the UK or Pyrkon in Poland to name a few. We don’t limit ourselves to producing just the Playmats.eu brand items - we work with game designers and publishers all over the world, supplying them with mats and other accessories, that later end on your tables and make gaming even more immersive.

Our products product are made in accordance with the RoHS, CE and EN 71 certificates. We're using original HP inks for latex and vinyl mats and the Swiss Sensient solutions for the neoprene mats. Our playmats do not have any harmful phthalates. Neoprene mats have underlay made of the high-quality natural rubber (caoutchouc).

Production processes are done with Lean Manufacturing procedures and the Kaizen philosophy. We learn each day and optimize our production processes and procedures each day - all that to provide you with the best products possible.

As our products are made only with high-quality materials, they’re safe for your health.

We thrive to expand our offer and have it cover any step of the supply chain. We work directly with the end-users (players), gaming stores, wholesale distributors, publishers and advertising agencies.