About company

We often make products for our business partners and direct customers according to their specifications.
Our products are offered by various distributors and publishers.
We have several independent, constantly upgraded, production lines, which were tested by many different business orders. The experience we have accumulated regarding the worldwide deliveries allows us to minimize the risk of delays while our quality standards and control assure products that’ll meet your expectations.

All the products we make, are made in accordance with the RoHS, CE and EN71 certifications. We use official HP inks for the production of latex, vinyl and eco-leather mats and Swiss Sensient solution in the production processes for neoprene and cloth mats.
Our mats do not have any harmful phthalates and are safe for your health.
We base our production processes on the Lean Manufacturing procedures, in accordance to the Kaizen philosophy.

We learn and improve every day to present you with the best possible products.

We’re registered and run all our facilities and processes in Poland.
Company details:
Netfire Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
Brandta 7 B
85-306 Bydgoszcz/ Poland