Publisher releases

We have a wide portfolio and a lot of experience in cooperation with manufacturers and publishers all over the world.

We made hundreds of thousands of playmats for business purposes, for both smaller and large, well-recognized companies.

Here you’ll find a list of our official realizations (the list is still expanding):

Hannibal & Hamilcar - Phalanx

Vikings Gone Wild - Lucky Duck Games

Cthulhu mats - Black Monk Games

Enchanters - Gindie

Uboot - Phalanx

Monsters - Lucky Duck Games

Superhot - Board & Dice

Lost Galaxy - Rudy Games

Machina Arcana - Adreama Games

Keyforge - Rebel

Dice Mats - Qworkshop

Nanty Narking - Phalanx

Cartographers - Ogry Games

Gremlins - Czacha Games

Table mats - Geeknson

Mousepads - Fuchs Oil Corporation

Mousepads -

Mousepads - Huuuuge games

Each day we work on new projects, and we add new solutions for production, quality management and innovations.