Packaging & worldwide delivery

An inherent part of each product is its packaging. It’s especially important if the product has to be displayed.

To estimate the best way to pack your product, you need to answer a few questions:

  • does it require packaging suiting the exposition in a store, or should it only fill the logistics requirements?
  • should the packaging be multiple uses?
  • will the product (playmat) be included in the official game box?
  • how many boxes should fit on the euro pallet?

As we have a lot of experience in packing of different products, we can advise you on finding the optimal solution. The packaging is a very important part, as wrongly packed products can severely hinder even the best logistics processes.

We can offer several types of packaging in answer to your needs:

  • bulk boxes - cheapest option, very useful when you plan to pack the products on your own accord.
  • foil-wrapping - perfect, when the mat is planned to be a part of a larger box. We can label each product with a customized sticker
  • multiple-use rectangular cardboard box
  • multiple-use triangular cardboard box - allows saving space when packed on a pallet
  • cardboard tubes with plugs
  • customized - as we work with several suppliers of the packaging solutions, we can tailor a box (or different container) most fitting your needs - add a hanger, print a custom design etc. Please keep in mind the fancier the box, the higher the price will be - but a well-advertised and properly displayed product can heighten the predicted return.