Each quotation is made individually.

We always try to find the golden centre - with the bulk orders we offer prices that allow covering of each part of the supply chain.

Questions regarding quotations please send to k.pruszkowski@playmats.eu, in the message please include this information:

  • estimated order quantity
  • size of the playmat
  • desired technology, or need for help in choosing one
  • details regarding packing (bulk package, foil wrapping, boxes, hanger etc.)
  • logistics details (preferred type of delivery - pallets or boxes, deadline etc.)
  • other critical information - should the mat have a non-standard shape, expected price etc.

    For the confirmed orders we can prepare a 3D rendered images of the product, to be used in marketing materials.

    We can also prepare product samples before confirming the order. The cost varies from 15 to 30 euro, and if the order is agreed upon, the cost of the samples is deducted from the final invoice.